Temporary Store

Temporary Store

Temporary Store: Innovation and New Concepts

ER Spa has developed 3 new Temporary Store models, in order to cope with this hard period. These models are economical, modular and adaptable to any space and need.

Why a Temporary Store?

Temporary Stores allow you to achieve different goals: to strengthen the brand awareness and to build customer loyalty. In addiction, you can open a Temporary Store to launch limited editions or to clear out the unsold stock. Moreover, they are aesthetically and structurally very impressive. They require a low cost of installation and can be located in strategic locations with high traffic.

Our Solution


Easily and Quickly

of assembly and disassembly

Components's Modularity

with consequent adaptability to the specific layout

Possibility of reuse

with consequent amortization of the investment: ideal for permanent or temporary structures


thanks to the possibility of creating dynamic backlighting applications


allowing the construction of structures from 10 to 50 m2 including storage space


a retail unit food, fashion, lifestyle. You have the possibility to equip the walls with: pitchers, shelves, chests of drawers, hanging bars

The Ideas

Idea n.1

Dynamic Shop

Temporary Store within Travel and Mall area

This is a Temporary Store structure imagined for the interior of the travel and mall world, designed through our module Dynamic Shop

Sizes: 10-50 sqm

Technical details:
– The panels are made of aluminium frames, on which the printed and customized fabrics are fixed, in single-sided or double-sided mode

– Exclusive docking system ensures an extremely easy image change

Backlighting with LED lights allows the images to stand out and attract the consumer’s attention

– The panels represent a modular element; in fact they can be coupled in various solutions, giving shape to multiple structures

– The walls can be equipped with various accessories: shelves, clothes hangers, chests of drawers, hooks, showcases, etc.

– The walls are therefore adaptable to a variety of environments and uses from food, fashion and lifestyle

Idea n.2

Kiosk Container

Temporary Store Outside Outlet or City Centre

Containerized kiosk, to be placed outdoors in different contexts such as outlets, city center or even beaches.

Metric size: minimum 2.4ml x 2.9ml or multiple of the minimum module

The advantages of this concept are: low cost of installation, possibility to exploit premium locations, impact design.

Technical details:
– The construction model is based on the realization of a perimeter load-bearing structure on which are applied closing panels and opening structures
– Inside, racks are placed on the closed walls on which display structures for the product are placed

Idea n.3


Temporary Store inside Vacant stores

This third model has been designed for vacant stores with or without finishes (floor, plasterboard, ceiling, electrical system). The solution is based on the creation of an aluminium structure (like the Dynamic Store) placed inside the point of sale.  The closing systems and the lighting system are installed on it.

Sizes: variable according to the geometry of the point of sale

Soft fabric or rigid forex backdrops can be applied to the supporting structure to customize the space.

Outwardly the space must be perceived as a product or promotional event to be discovered. The management of the showcases and access has therefore been conceived as an entrance in a strongly characterized exhibition context. Outside, the type of content and the quality of the experience must be perceived.