Store Strategy

ER spa supports food e no food retailers in addressing their markets.

Today retailers need more than a good deal to make a sale. A winning position requires superior strategy, attractive stores, strong visual merchandising and efficient operations.

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01. Strategy

Laying the foundations for top-line growth through corporate strategy design, business development, acquisitions, new store opening and format renewal.

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02. Omnichannel Operations

Improving the bottom line through lean retailing, optimized sourcing, best practice supply chain management, and efficient store operations through different channels.

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03. Commercial Transformation

Creating a compelling commercial offer, including assortment design, planning and management, pricing and promotions.

Connect retailers and markets

Retail Strategy


ER spa is a leading Retail Consultancy Compan in the Food and No Food sector.

We help Clients address New Store Openings. We design new Format and Concept.

Over the course of our history, important international brands have turned to us to open shops in the main European locations, such as airports, shopping centers and outlet villages. In fact, we have carried out retail consultancy projects for openings of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops in the main European cities, in the airports of London, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Rome and many others.

ER spa collaborates with the main managers of commercial sites and proposes the concepts and formats of its Clients for the most strategic locations.

Our team studies the evolution of Consumer Behaviors and the Development of Competition. So we work with retail to build the most effective commercial offer: product mix, menu, prices and promotions. Today sales networks must be developed and managed to efficiently, meeting customres needs. This requires an omnichannel markets approach.

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Manage your multichannels distribution

Omnichannel Strategy

With the digital revolution, which has increased the availability of market access for consumers, ER spa has consolidated retail consultancy projects to support retailers to move from a single channel to an Omnichannel approach.

In fact, the greater accessibility has strongly increased the level of competition and the investments required to maintain market shares. Thanks to a greater availability of offer, customers have become more demanding and meeting their expectations has gone beyond the development of good retailer infrastructures.

The retail consultancy projects are aimed at offering retailers a substantial modification to their sales model, since, if an “ominchannel” approach is not adopted, the change in progress will lead to an increase in costs with a consequent decrease in profit.

Therefore the “omnichannel” approach must be implemented not only in the retailer-customer direction, but must allow retailers to acquire information about customer behavior.

Finally, this path is guaranteed by the continuous monitoring of the various performance indicators. Moreover it is mandatory to adopt  a new strategic approach regarding the product, promotions, the supply chain on the one hand and the creation and management of the various touch points with the customer from the other.

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A winning product offering

Commercial Transformation


ER spa addresses retailers through retail consultancy projetcs capable of bringing real benefits to its Clients.

In fact, ER spa has an equally advanced analysis methodology.

Our Store Strategy Team works alongside Clients to build a winning commercial strategy in the respect of local consumption habits.

To do this, we use advanced analytics: sales data, sector trends, consumer data and consolidated performance indicators. We clearly define how the business will grow.

An analytical approach guarantees clear perspectives, targeted actions and certain results.

ER spa help Clients address pressing challenges.

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