Store Management

ER spa assists retailers the opening process with project management and shop management activities.

Distribution and investments must be managed with careful evaluation. ER spa helps its clients by connecting them with the managers of high traffic commercial spaces. It offers project management and shop management services for the opening process.

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03. Project Management

Project management and shop management in the process of creating and opening the store. The authorization procedures relating to the works and the opening process are managed.

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02. Market Reserch

Advanced tools for the analysis of consumption and competition related to the market. Estimate, simulation and planning of sales and profit.

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01. Training

Point of sale staff training programs about Company histories, product mix and on sales techniques. Validation of the skills level, training pills and monitoring of sales skills.

Store Opening Phase

Project Management

ER spa helps its clients along the entire path that leads to the store opening. Thanks to the project management and shop management activities, ER spa is organized to support customers in all phases of retail development in the main European locations.

Our team has gained the skills to manage the authorization process relating to the shop fitting and opening of the store, thanks to years of work in the various European markets.

The Project Management activity concerns the management of the construction and set-up of the store. ER spa coordinates the activities of all the bodies and companies involved, monitoring their times and costs.

We have been operating for years in England France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Poland and Spain.

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project management
analisi di mercato
Satisying Customer Needs

Market Research

Opening a store in a new market requires changes in the service model and the product mix in order to respond to local customer needs.

ER spa has gained experience in project management and shop management in various markets and in different types of commercial sites. Therefore it is able to speed up the process of understanding local needs in the Customer.

Let’s look at the structure of demand, competition and
local consumption trends. For this activity, ER spa offers tools developed over years of research, the result of consolidated experience in managing all the dynamics and critical issues of the various markets. In fact, in recent years we have opened more than one hundred stores in major European cities, airports, shopping malls and outlet villages.

Finally ER spa offers solutions capable of supporting and improving sales performance in a new market. The tool, Storeshare, has been developed over years of research and thanks to a consolidated experience in managing all the dynamics and critical issues of a shop.


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Our Project Management and Shop Management programs assists our clients in the final phase of the store opening process. So the services we offer for opening are: coordination of the selection of shop staff, training on the Brand, product and sales techniques, opening support.

In addition, management support is supported through the Storeshare web platform, designed and developed by ER spa. In fact, the concepts that inspired Storeshare are flexibility and efficiency. For this reason we have created a tool capable of adapting to the customer’s needs, fully customizable and easily manageable. Storeshare facilitates remote shop management, training and control of shop activities.

Storeshare provides a package of essential tools for every retail activity, from the provision of multimedia content for the training of the sales staff, up to the creation of dashboards for monitoring the performance of all the stores.