Store Planning

ER spa put brand equities, products and end users at the centre of the design process.

We have experience in the design of shops, bars, restaurants and public places in general. We offer qualified assistance in all project phases from format and concept development to executive and construction drawings.

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01. Shop Design

Market trend research, brand positioning analysis, layout study and customer paths, brand characterization study, in-store communication study, project development.

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02. Shop Fitting

Innovative materials and production technologies, selection and application of low energy impact lighting systems, shop creation with the “turnkey” formula, maintenance services.

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03. Project Management

Management of the authorization process, relationship with the customer and local authorities, Gantt development of the set-up, creation of the assembly and start-up team and site management, logistics management and management of critical issues.

Understanding market needs

The Design Process

We deal with the design of shops, bars, restaurants and public places in general. We carry out the activity through a methodological path structured in stages.

The project begins with an analysis of the whole of the Brand’s values, its history and its communication. We then examine the product and the product offer on which our customer wants to focus.

Then we analyze Trends, Innovation and Consumer Trends, with the aim of creating stores capable of expressing the true value of the Brand.

We specialize in the design of fashion, accessories and beauty shops. In recent years we have designed wine bars, cafes and restaurants.

In the Food Service we have taken care of the conceptualization of ice cream parlors, pizzerias and hamburgers. Our goal is to create sales points capable of welcoming the consumer in the best way, ensuring high sales performance and the achievement of business objectives.

To do this, we are looking for the best functionality and design solutions, creating stores that are consistent with the retail business within low costs.

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Il Progetto
Unique Concepts

Format e Concept

The format design of shops, bars, restaurants and public places is the core phase of the distribution project. It is the one that allows you to create efficient and profitable solutions.

In this project phase the objective is the creation of formats that are successful in hesitating on the market a unique and distinctive offer, and efficient from an operational point of view.

The study of the concept is conducted by combining, with imagination, and brings together all the elements: Brand and its Traditions, Consumer Trends and Innovation in Design. So in the process of designing shops bars restaurants and public places we aim to create Distinctive Concepts that make consumers experience Unique and Authentic Experiences. We also work to create sales outlets that last over time.

Finally, our concepts respond to the needs of an Omnichannel Distribution System, through the implementation of communication codes that allow a high connection between the different distribution channels. So a Brand is able to defend and expand its consumer base.

Efficient Store Operation

Layout e Merchandising

The study of the layout and merchandising represents the last and no less important phase in the design process of shops, bars, restaurants and public places.

The layout is developed according to the characteristics of the premises, the flow of consumers, the product communication needs and the offer of its kind. Furthermore, it must respond to Branding and Product needs.

Therefore the project realization phase is managed by us through a continuous dialogue with the customer with the aim of transferring all the brand experience to the sales point.

Finally, ER spa has developed a deep knowledge of materials and construction and plant solutions. The work is conducted with the aim of proposing eco-sustainable solutions that respect men and the environment.

We invite you to consult the website of our company Store Builder to analyze the projects carried out.

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