In the coming weeks, retail will also start working again. The context will be very complex and the various operators will face problems of a different nature. The demand will initially be very low. The operational difficulties that must guarantee the safety of workers and consumers will act as inhibitors to the purchase. Like all major economic depressions, they will open up new scenarios and important growth opportunities. The theme is that this phase will have to be approached with a new spirit.

The actions taken by companies to overcome the previous crises provide us with important indications on the areas in which we should act in order to be successful. The problem is what to do. Nobody can provide us with truly useful advice. There are no economic models that can give us plug & play solutions. Entrepreneurs, managers and collaborators will have to team up and leaders could choose to consult each other to find winning products and solutions, effective communication systems, profitable distribution spaces.


Marketing strategico


Paolo Brugioni


ER spa

Restarting. Is it an Opportunity?

How to Better Perform.

Monday 4 May we start the engines again! We have spent the last few weeks between video calls, trying to keep our relationships active, cultivating some new projects. Are we ready now?

In the coming weeks we will return to work! We are ready? One thing is certain, there will be “dancing”.

The wind will blow strongly and the sea will be rough.

There are no economic models that can anticipate how the recovery will be. We are experiencing a situation that has never occurred in the modern world. All economic and financial variables are beyond the critical threshold.

Companies face new production and sales situations with serious cash-flow problems. Orders throughout the supply chain have collapsed.

What about consumers? They are at home, looking at the small screen looking for pure escape. There is a very strong need to think of something different, to be distracted, to dream of the world as it was before. They tend to be depressed, afraid.

What about communication? Influencers? The messages invite us to stay home. They offer us to seize the opportunities of the quarantine days to take care of us, to learn to cook, to watch TV series. There are few invitations to invest in our skills.

Politics? The leaders only make promises … let’s think about the trillions of liquidity that should rain on the various markets. The ability to draw economic and production scenarios is lacking.

As for the new distribution models, we do not have enough information to say what the significant changes will be, compared to the period before the virus.

There are some signs of trends. The lockdown is accelerating some important innovations that previously proceeded slowly. Systems that are now centric consumers are being set up. Personalized proposals, booking and delivery services, calendars and sales events. Social responsibility of brands with direct interventions on the local and community, which foreshadow a review of the production chains with an impact on globalization models.

Analyzing the case histories of the post-crisis period of ’29 and those of the post-war period of the indications, we can identify them.

Innovate: think of new projects, dream of new solutions.

Teaming: all company resources must contribute to the Brand. The password and belonging.

In this period of quarantine we alternate various moods, moments of relaxation by dedicating ourselves to ourselves, phases of discouragement and demotivation given by the uncertainty of when and how the next will be.

There are, however, moments of real enthusiasm generated above all by the fact that crises tend to eliminate everything or almost everything and they are the moment in which you will have to spend to do new things or to do them differently.

But how can we apply solutions to our business that can make us emerge from the crisis in a winning way? Confronted. We share hypotheses, ideas, thoughts with whom we value, with friends, managers or entrepreneurs who still have energy to spend. We listen to the ideas of young researchers or students who know how to give a different interpretation from ours.

In the last two days I have followed the presentations on possible post-Covid retail solutions of the students of the master in marketing and retail management of the Cuoa of Vicenza. They have been a very important source of analysis, ideas, action plans. I often compare myself with friends who have lived international experiences, gained in different contexts. We exchange ideas.

This is not the time to receive advice, to gather certainties that are not there now. I believe that at this moment it is important to analyze, listen, think. And to do this, a friend suggests that I organize structured moments of confrontation. I therefore invite all those who want to tell what they are thinking and who want to share it by writing to me. We could put together a comparison group from which interesting stimuli will certainly emerge. If you like, write me: paolo.brugioni@erspa.com.