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Over the last 20 years, indeed, the distributive system has registered a few innovations, being often considered already complete and strengthened, so not liable to new approaches and evolutions.

The trade or administration of food, are ancient professions. As ancient as underdeveloped!

ER, instead, believes that there are numerous possibilities of improvement of the delivery systems within the Food Retail sector.

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We talk about Food from a full spectrum point of view: from its provision in the traditional shops to the whole distribution chain and to the food prepared and sold in cafés, fast foods and restaurants.

ER believes in the possibility of an incredibly strong convergence between Retail and Food Service, which can be exploited to cut down inefficiencies, develop new models and overtake the traditional rigidities. ER is convinced of the possibility to considerably improve the number of visits in a store, offering a wider variety of opening times, using brick-and-mortar facilities more efficiently, adopting new relational approaches with the client.

So the distributive integration can increase the fidelity level and the quality perception, making possible to test new products while cutting down waste and squandering. The classic “win-win”.

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The cultural model adopted by ER inspires good practices not the mere application of old management methods. This is how two issues seemingly opposed converge and move towards long-lasting e replicable results.

In the fight against waste programming logics and the continuous work on human resources dedicated to the final processes are valid. This is because also the best work done on the logistic and expo technologies areas may be frustrated by in-store bad attitudes.

Exposition and reorder policies must be included and accepted to be valid and to avoid an excessive management area’s supervision. There are no magic ingredients, only patience, passion and simple management tools.


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ER Spa and AFC

Amazing Food Concepts and ER Spa struck a joint venture to spread the ‘Know-how’ in the food management world. AFC is a company based in Belgium which promotes an intelligent and innovative food management since 1988.

The CEO Dirk Debrabander spent his life in restaurants and supermarkets which share his idea of «RADICAL-FRESH-FOOD INNOVATOR». AFC’s team covers all the areas of fresh food, space planning and in-store staff supervised training. Their vision is innovative and must be shared by the top management to allow radical changes.

The results? More customers, more visits, less waste, more motivated partners and inner development of «continuous innovation».




Food service consultancy is nearly a "mission impossible". Every entrepreneur, indeed, claims to know more than anyone else and not to be in need of any advice…it is emblematic the example of Gordon Ramsay who struggles to get people to agree with his guidelines in his TV programme «Hell’s Kitchen».

Not to mention the restaurateurs who would never allow a manager to intrude into their realm. ER and AFC have, however, a plan able to turn the tide. Smart and creative entrepreneurs will tap it, even only to have and external and objective view over their operations (check up and mistery customer programmes).





Nowadays the food service sector is enriched by entrepreneurs who have different experience which stimulate new and extremely innovative concepts.

An example is represented by Etaly one of the most successful concepts created by Oscar Farinetti who is an entrepreneur of electronic retail (TRONY). Well, in such cases ER supports these new concepts through the application of funded practices: management control, human resources development, quality control.





Italy is a Country where the agro-industrial production is particularly intense. Our products are widespread and appreciated worldwide. But DOP and DOC are not enough, to defend our typicalness and promote the consumption: often it is necessary to enhance the brand through ad hoc realisations able to merge business, communicative and demonstrative values.

There are excellent examples, such as: Trattoria di RANA or Cantinetta Antinori and Caffè Dersut. But profitable businesses often can’t rely on organisational resources to dedicate to these differentiations.

ER supports as a partner the whole process regarding the concept creation until the launch and further. All this while taking part in the operations, not sitting at our desk. This is like a "Food Angel"


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